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Choosing Names for your Baby

Are you struggling to compose a name for your first child? I’m here to help you.

A lot of first-time parents find it hard to make a perfect name for their child. One tip I could share with you is when naming your child, make sure to consider the things that are important in your life. You also need to choose a name that is either traditional, unique, or a combination of the two.

Although I can’t dictate to you what name you should give to your baby, I am here to give you my essential tips when naming your firstborn.

Classic Names are not Boring

When I say that it would be better to use classic names, it does not mean that you should name your kid Maria or Peter. I know that name sounds boring. There are a lot of baby names that have been around in the world for many centuries. For instance, if your baby is a girl, you can name her Willa, Ophelia, or Celeste. On the other hand, if it is a boy, you can call him Miles, Edwin, or Silas.

You Don’t Need to Go on Trendy Names

Just like appliances, trendy names may get outdated. Most parents these days are tempted to follow their baby’s name to a celebrity. Remember, today’s trend might be irrelevant for the next few years. That’s why I always recommend you to choose classic names. Classics never go out of trend even after many years.

Think about the Sound of the Name

When picking a name, I recommend you speak it out loud. Make sure that the name is subtle on the ears. Also, consider your last name. The first name and last name should go well together. But, this does not mean you need to choose a name that sounds the same as your last name.

Be Gender Specific

If your baby is a boy, then choose a name that sounds manly. Avoid using names like Alex or Toni. These names can be named for either a boy or a girl. Remember, not all cute names remain cute over time. This concept also applies the same when picking a name for girls.

Choose Unique but not Overboard Names

I personally love unique names. And there’s nothing wrong with naming your child with rare names. Of course, no parent would love the idea that their child has the same name in a class. But, when making unique names, make sure that it is not overboard. Avoid mix-matching of names as it can result in an irrelevant and meaningless name.

Keep it Simple and Short

In most cases, super long names can frustrate your kids as they grow older. This always happens, especially when filling up forms and submitting requirements. To avoid that scenario, it would be better to keep the name easy to spell and pronounce.

Consider the Initials and Nicknames

I always suggest parents name their babies with a name that already has a readily available nickname. A nickname that can pick out from the name itself can be handy not just for the parents but also for your child’s future partner and friends. Aside from that, make sure that the name’s initials do not sound funny or hard to spell.

Honor your Culture and Tradition

You may also consider making names inspired by your cultures and traditions. Also, you may name your first child after a family figure that brings a significant impact to your family and life. Names that are connected to your culture could also be a great option.

Find Names with Great Meanings

Many people would appreciate a name with deep meaning. I recommend you choose a simple name but has a lot of meanings or messages to say. Most parents inspire their kid’s names after a popular mythological character, such as Athena and Venus.

Choosing your baby’s name will always depend on your personal choice. Remember to keep the name short, simple, and easy to read and spell. This will benefit you and your child in the future.

Consider the tips I mentioned above if you still have no idea about what to name for your first child.

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