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Best Doodle Pad for Toddlers

Searching for the best toys that keep toddlers entertained is not a complicated task. With various options in the market, toddlers have a chance to explore and enjoy. One of the most in-demand toys is the so-called doodle pad.

The doodle pads allow our little ones to show off their creative sides. In fact, my kids learn to draw using these gadgets. These products are also perfect for teaching my kids to read and write in the most comfortable and portable way.

With various doodle pads for toddlers, I often find it hard to pick the right one for my little one. Do you experience the same way? If yes, then it is best to conduct research about these doodle pads.

Based on what I have researched, here are the best doodle pad for toddlers every parent shouldn’t miss to have:

  1. Wellchild Drawing Board – This product has a wide and bright colored screen. It is perfectly designed for little hands for easy handling of the board. Its screen has four distinct color zones – yellow, green, blue, and red. This doodle pad comes with a coordinating carrying bag for fast and easy transportation. It also has an ergonomic pen perfect for toddlers.
  2. Magna Doodle Boards – This product is filled with a double-pack colored magnetic board, giving each drawing an exceptional one. Depending on the needs, my kids use the full-size board for home drawing activities. The small board, on the other hand, is often used while traveling since it is easy to carry and can be placed in a small bag. The best thing about this doodle pad is that if my kids misplace the big one, they can still play with the other one.
  3. Gamenote XL Drawing Board – Its screen is quite huge, and my kids truly love it. It has an improved magnetic stamp with rounded animal head casings. This doodle pad has an animal topped pen, paw-print frame impressions, and a snail-shaped on its eraser.
  4. Magnetic Doodle Pad from Vtech – This doodle pad for toddlers has a small electronic screen that teaches my kids to learn the alphabet. My kids use this to draw numbers and letters. It also teaches my kids how to recognize shapes. Another best thing about this product is its customized board. Its stencils help my kids move from sketching simple strokes to creating complex icons.
  5. Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board – This stuff can be used in three distinct ways. Since my kids are quite younger, I can extend the legs of this doodle pad and utilize its board as a table. This is a perfect option while sitting on the floor. Sometimes, I also fold the doodle legs and use them as a magnetic sketching board.
  6. Fisher-Price DoodlePro – This product is perfectly designed for toddlers. The best thing about this doodle pad is its pen with a spring-loaded tip that prevents screen damage, especially when my kids push down too rigid. Its smoother eraser and lightweight features also make it easy and comfortable to use.
  7. Vivitoy Magnetic Drawing Board – This doodle pad is filled with a bright and wide frame. Its sliding eraser is also easy to move across the board. With this doodle pad, my kids can draw anything they want, even when traveling.
  8. Sgile Doodle Pad – This is perfect for toddlers because of its excellent features. My kids use this one, and they already knew how to draw shapes and even alphabets.

Since there are various doodle pads for toddlers available in the market, it is a must to know its features. Some brands have simple yet quality features, while others do not. Thus, it is necessary to read reviews online before buying. Just like me, I prefer to check the price of the item apart from its offered features. I truly believe that buying stuff for my kids doesn’t need to be costly. It is a matter of looking for the right supplier that offers discount rates.

Doodling is an ideal activity to introduce to our kids. In fact, my kids find it easy to express their creative side with the use of doodle pads. What are you waiting for? Pick the best doodle pad for toddlers and surprise your kids now! They will definitely enjoy this stuff!

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